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Estate & Trust Document Planning

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What happens to your estate when you die?  

Who makes decisions for you when you become sick or incapacitated?

To make sure your estate, medical & financial decisions are handled the way you want them to be, you need to have certain documents in place and current:

  • A Will
  • A Revocable Living Trust
  • A Living Will and
  • Various powers of attorney

Today, many people might think that estate documents are no longer important because of the high estate exemption amounts in the new laws.  It is true that you might make some different decisions under the new laws but it is still critical to have your estate documents set up & funded properly.

Without a Revocable Living Trust, your estate might end up in probate. Without having your documents set up properly, your beneficiaries could end up losing their inherited assets to creditors, scam artists, or divorces. Without a good Revocable Living Trust, your heirs might end up paying more income taxes than needed. You worked hard for your assets and you probably would like them to be protected after your death.

Arizona has some favorable laws since we are a community property state.  But the proper wording needs to be in your documents. With all the law changes, current documents are written with flexibility.  If your documents were written many years ago, the language might not be current.

We would like to help you have a good & complete set of trust documents.  We assist you through the entire process. 

The actual trust documents are then prepared by a local estate attorney and certified legal document preparer (CLDP) and they supply legal advice.

In summary, you get substantial individual time with us and you get complete documents.  Our fixed fee does include the cost of the documents and the review telephone call with the CLDP.  

Even if you are young & especially if you are married or have children, this is something you should not put off.

Having these documents in place and your assets titled correctly can give you peace of mind.  We would like to help you get there.