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Eldercare & Long-Term Care Planning

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Elder care is a difficult topic because it depends on many things that you just don’t know.

  • Life expectancy tables generally increase from one generation to the next.  
  • Some people live much longer than standard expectancy while others don’t.  
  • Some people get debilitating illnesses and need around the clock care.  Others don’t.  
  • Some people have long term care insurance and others don’t.  
  • The financial situations of people are different.  
  • The living arrangement situations of people are different.

Many people do not like to discuss elder care but it is so important that you do. We would like to help you have a better grasp and understanding about it. The main part of our elder care planning is our financial projections.  

But there are other important things besides the numbers that we want to be sure you are prepared for such as how to help keep seniors safe from scams and scam artists.  

Once you have reached the point where you need care we can also provide cash management services for paying bills and tracking funds.  

Elder Care is an area where we would like to help you have peace of mind that you are prepared.