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Education Planning

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The College Board says that the moderate cost of an in-state public college averages just over $25,000 a year.But if your student dreams of a private college education, double that amount to $51,000 each year. And after 4 years, those students are graduating with student debt averaging a whopping $40,000! That’s equivalent to a nice-sized down payment on a home, a brand new Audi A4 – or startup costs for a new business.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, let us help you out with some Higher Education Financial Planning.

Our long term planning will assist you and your student in achieving their educational dreams, without a hefty debt burden. We can:

  1. Create a personalized education savings goal and a monthly plan to meet that goal;
  2. Run some “what if” scenarios to see what would happen if, for example, your student decided they wanted to go to med school or inflation went through the roof;
  3. Help determine if a Section 529 plan is right for you or not; and
  4. Review different education saving plan alternatives and the pros and cons of each

And as college nears, we can help you complete the complicated FAFSA application form including planning ahead to increase the likelihood of Federal aid.

Whether your student is 8 or 18, it’s never too early and not too late to plan.

Don’t let your kids or grandkids be crippled by this debt just as they’re beginning their adult lives. We can help.